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What does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?- Bobby

What does a Real Estate Lawyer do?

RAFE: What exactly does a real estate lawyer do?

BOBBY: Ah, that’s a great question, Rafe. So, our job’s a real estate lawyers just depending on the transaction but for a purchase and sele transaction or a refinanced transaction where we’re assisting with a mortgage. Our job is to make sure we are protecting the legal interest of our client. If our client is making a purchase of often the most important investment in their life, their home. In dealing with the purchase of their home, whether it be a condominium or a free hold property, our job is to make sure they get clear title to the property, that they have the title insurance in place, that the mortgage is as per the, what they signed with the bank and to ensure all fund transfers occur as they’re supposed to. As well we’re here to negotiate on behalf of our client with you, the vendor, purchaser, or the lender.

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