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Slip and Fall Lawyers Kingston

When looking for a slip and fall lawyer in Kingston, Lawyer Connection should be your first stop. We offer a free lawyer referral service that will save you time and research. At Lawyer Connection we have built our business on connecting people across the province to legal representation. We know that most people do not deal with lawyers on a regular basis. And trying to find a lawyer during a stressful event, such a slip and fall, can be especially daunting. By relying on Lawyer Connection to find you a slip and fall lawyer you will save yourself stress and time and get started on your claim fast.

We recognize that timeliness is important in slip and fall claims. Lawyer Connection will normally get back to your slip and fall inquiry within an hour or two of initial contact. We aim to match you with a lawyer serving Kingston within a day. Best of all, the slip and fall lawyer that we put you in touch with will not charge you unless you win or settle your claim.

To start, Lawyer Connection lawyers will offer a free initial consultation for slip and fall claims. The initial consultation takes places over the phone and it is an opportunity for both you and the lawyer to assess the case. An in-person meeting with usually follow. It is only after you both agree to move the slip and fall claim forward that you will sign a retainer which is an agreement of representation.

Make Lawyer Connection your first contact in your search for a slip and fall lawyer in Kingston!