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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Kitchener

Lawyer Connection specializes in connecting people across Ontario with lawyers and we can help you find the right slip and fall lawyer in the Kitchener and Waterloo area. Let us worry about finding you a lawyer in Kitchener so that you do not have to. Our extensive experience in connecting clients to lawyers means that we have connections with lawyers across Ontario. We will offer this service to you for free. You have nothing to lose but will save time and be matched with an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

Once you contact Lawyer Connection with the details of your slip and fall claim we will get back to you in an hour or two. We will look within our network for a slip and fall lawyer in Kitchener and put you in touch with them. You will have no obligations to pay until the lawyer has won or settled your slip and fall claim. So do not worry about the costs associated with retaining a lawyer.

Finding the right lawyer is important to you. All of the lawyers within the Lawyer Connection umbrella will offer a free consultation for slip and fall cases. The first slip and fall consultation will usually take place over the phone. An in-person consultation will follow and if both you and the lawyer agree you will then sign a retainer. The decision to pursue the claim and retain the lawyer is yours.