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If you are struggling with debt, then you may need the help of a debt lawyer. And Lawyer Connection can help you find one.  Lawyer Connection is available for free, and we help people across the province of Ontario to find a lawyer who can help them. We are always available, 24/7, and the service is free. Get in contact through the online submission form or our 24-hour helpline. If you’re dealing with creditors or debt collection agents, then a lawyer who knows the area can help protect you from illegal practices, walk you through what bankruptcy means and help you sort through possible solutions. Contact Lawyer Connection now to get the help you need.

Call the  Lawyer Connection call centre, or submit an online request through the form on the right-hand side of this page. Once you submit your request, LawyerConnection will look for a lawyer within our network, which includes hundreds of barristers and solicitors across Ontario.

Getting out of debt can be a major event in the lives of Canadians, and help is available. LawyerConnection is one free service that has barristers and solicitors all over Ontario who understand the areas of debt and bankruptcy law in Canada. Each lawyer is ready to be your advocate. Once you find the right lawyer, through this free service, the lawyer can protect you and help you find solutions.

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LawyerConnection members provide legal services to any area in Ontario. If you’re looking for a lawyer who is located near you, we can find you that. Or if you want a lawyer from a large firm in a major city, we will make that referral.

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If you’re struggling with debt, then let us help you. Our member-lawyers are equipped to advocate for your needs, protect you and help you deal with debt. And Lawyer Connection will connect you to this help for free. Access this 24-hour, free service, and begin the process of finding your solution.