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Free Business/Corporate Lawyer Referral Service

Welcome to the free lawyer referral service, Lawyer Connection. If you have a business or a corporate enterprise, then we would like to connect you with the lawyer to meet your needs. That is our mission at to connect clients with the solicitors and barristers in the appropriate practice area for them.

With upwards of 100 lawyers, located in multiple cities and towns in Ontario, we provide the connections between clients and lawyers promptly and around the clock. Through our phone service or online, is working 24/7, to support you. So, you send a submission, and within 24-48 hours, Lawyer Connection connects you with a lawyer who can provide assistance in corporate matters. These may include any of the following:

  • incorporation, organizing a corporation,
  • amalgamating or dissolving companies,
  • leasing for commercial purposes and construction contracts,
  • mergers, acquisitions and sales,
  • distribution and franchise arrangements, and
  • agreements that govern your business relationships, i.e. employees, shareholders, partnerships and joint ventures.

Lastly, the corporate lawyers with whom LawyerConnection can connect you can help you to ensure that your business and its record-keeping are compliant with the relevant regulations. We provide the link to serve all your legal needs to help your business prosper.

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Lawyer Connection can refer you to a lawyer who is located near your business, or we can link you to a lawyer based in a major centre. Your preference steers our course. So, call or submit online now. Our service is free, and we provide the solutions to the needs you express.