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If you have a start-up there are a lot of legal questions you might have. Below are just a few that we thought of that we asked a few

Important Documents for any Start-up to consider

One of the most important concerns for a startup is which documents they should consider? We asked our lawyer this question and he listed a few of these documents. You can find the list at the link below.
Important Documents

When should a Start-up speak to a lawyer?

It is important to know what a corporation is before filing for incorporation. To learn more about corporations, click on the link below.
What is a Corporation?

Incorporation is not necessary for every company. Two important reasons to incorporate are to limit liability and tax purposes. Find out more about the reasons to incorporate by clicking on the link below.
Why should you Incorporate?

It is important to know what information is included in the incorporation package, so you are ready to speak you a lawyer. Below is a link with important information in the incorporation documents.
What information is included in Incorporation Documents?

Can you Incorporate yourself?

Common Mistakes Businesses make when Incorporating