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MVA Compensation

If you have been are looking for MVA Compensation, we can help you find the right legal representation. Lawyer Connection can refer you to the lawyer that fits your needs, and can advance your MVA claim. Our network has over 200 lawyers in Ontario, and we will help you find the right one. Speak to our experts about the nature of your case, and your location, and we will match you with an experienced lawyer either serving your location, or willing to travel there.

Don’t Pay Unless You Win

The personal injury lawyers in our network all work on a contingency basis. As a result, you won’t pay unless you win or receive a settlement.

Free Consultations

The lawyers in our network all offer complimentary consultations (usually by telephone). Following this, if they are able to help you with your case, they will arrange an in-person meeting. You should ask the lawyer any questions you may have at this point. Assuming both parties are ready to proceed with the claim, the lawyer will have you sign a retainer agreement.

How Long Until I Speak to an Injury Lawyer?

Lawyer Connection is committed to providing service quickly. In cases of personal injury, we will usually contact you within an hour of hearing from you. We will determine your specific needs and begin finding an appropriate lawyer for you within the day.