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Identifying a Good Lawyer

Identifying a Good Lawyer

The Two Key Factors that we identify when referring you to a lawyer is that lawyer’s Reputation in the legal community and that lawyer’s Responsiveness to his clients.


The legal community is a relatively small and tight-knit one. Within this community, reputations are very well-known, and it is often apparent for legal professionals to know what the reputation of various law firms and other lawyers are. However, it can be difficult for non-lawyers to find out what these reputations are. They are left without any means of accessing this information and usually will not even know what questions are the important ones to ask and what type of answers to obtain.
For this reason it can be very useful to use our services at to ensure that you are obtaining legal representation to assist you. We are familiar with the track-records of our applicant lawyers and continually monitor feedback to make sure that we only work with the responsive lawyers!


One very important aspect of finding the right law firm is the responsiveness of the lawyers at your firm. A case can last between 1 to 5 years to reach a settlement or a finality. Over this time, it is important to have legal representation which will be responsive and who you can contact whenever they are needed.
Because many cases can last for so long, there is also a common complaint of having to deal with different lawyers over the years. This can be frustrating, as you do not want to have to explain your case over and over again and deal with inconsistencies from past lawyers working on your file. Instead you want a lawyer who you can call your own, who you can develop a relationship with and with whom you can maintain a high level of trust and confidence in.
We at will refer you to law firms for FREE who have a reputation for assigning ONE lawyer to oversee your case. This will ensure you have someone you can rely on and who you can be in contact with if you have any questions or needs.

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The process is simple! After registering with your name, phone number, and email, our team of legal professionals will be in touch with you in order to discuss the details of your case and find the right lawyer for you. The lawyers we connect you with are committed to serving you in a first class manner – just as you deserve.
Best of all, our service is FREE! Give us a try – your free lawyer referral is only a click away!